Remicade Protocol 4859

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Monday was Remi day- I had it scheduled around my upcoming South Africa trip (you want to have it in advance but not the day before). I usually take the first appointment in the morning, because I hate waiting. It was 7.30 am sharp as I walked up to the counter, only to be reprimanded by the guy behind it. Apparently check-in time was 20 minutes early. I gave him a sharp and nasty look, and said, “nobody is here before 7.30. And you know how I know? I have been coming to this practice on a regular basis since 2014. So how should I check in 20 minutes early?” (I had slept really badly) Thankfully, regular desk person arrived and hushed him away.

The nurse takes my blood pressure and pulse, and I notice her sniffeling. Then I notice it again. I kindly ask her if she has allergies. No, she says, as if it was the most normal thing to say to someone getting an immunosupressant, “I have a cold.” Lady, what the fuck are you doing at work? I want to scream. I hear myself say “Look, I am traveling in a week and a half. The very last thing I need is a cold on a plane, or anything like it. Could your colleague please take care of me?” She assured me that she was already getting better, and was at the tail end of it, and I felt like an ass asking this of her, but seriously. Can’t risk it. She seemed upset, and I was uncomfortable (the infusion takes 2.5 hours!).



(Me silent screaming in the bathroom)

I am just so tired of people being so damn inconsiderate. In the afterschool class that I teach, there were kids with GREEN snot coming out of their noses this winter, but god forbid you ask the parents to leave it at home. All of a sudden, you’re the enemy of families. You ask your college students to stay away from you if they have the flu, and you’re the enemy of education (like they care!). And yet, while these people are annoying, they are not working in the damn health care sector, where they should know better.

Just stay at home when you’re sick, you’re doing everyone a favor, including yourself.

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