Travelling with IBD II – Carry- on and outfits

 You booked your flight, you have planned your trip, you’ve packed your suitcase. Now for your carry-on. What: I prefer a backpack and a purse, small enough that I can put it in the backpack if necessary. I have never understood people with trolley’s for carry-on (exception, people with kids). What in the world is in there?! Most people with IBD suffer from back pain, often mild arthritis etc. So do your backpack research!  About six years ago, I investedRead more

What to wear…. with a transrectal drain and other Tipps

As I wrote in a previous post, I had a huge infection after my first two surgeries, that required two more surgeries, in which they extracted about a liter of pus, washed me out and tried to get the environment as sterile as possible. In spite of targeted intravenous antibiotics, I kept developing abscesses in my stomach. This is apparently not unusual- I mean, my stomach perforated, all the bacteria had new room to grow, and my body was ratherRead more

What to wear post surgery

My grandmother turned 82 last Sunday. She is a very opinionated, strong old lady, and to say that it’s not always easy with her, is the understatement of the century. Over the years, she has had her fair share of health problems as well- from kidney surgery, to gall stone removals, to several heart surgeries. I can not remember a day however, not seeing her well put together. Is she vain? You betcha. But, she also swears that she onlyRead more