The personal is political: Health Care

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Two things happened recently. First, I got a message about my blog being too political. I dismissed it, because, you know, it’s my blog. I do what I want. Then, a few facebook friends shared some sort of juvenile quiz, to make facebook a SOCIAL (all caps in the original), so we can “learn about one another”. Seriously? Like knowing whether you have ever been to an NFL game will tell me anything about who you are.


Look, I like kitten pics and puppies as much as the next person. And yes, I want to see your vacation pictures (maybe not 100 of them) , congratulate you on your birthday etc. But, right now, I am a little worried about, you know, racism, ICE raids, nuclear warfare, and oh, my healthcare.

I wanted to be open-minded, I really did. I actually did read up on the different options Ryancare/Trumpcare (why is there care in the name, clearly that’s what they don’t do!), and I am worried. Worried on the financial burden it will put on people with chronic conditions. It’s not like it’s stardust and unicorns now people! Most of us are already struggling-co-payment, deductibles, gas to and back from the doctor, missed time at work, special items no insurance will cover. None of us asked for this. None. So, how are we supposed to save up enough money for an HCA plan? Seriously. What will happen if mental health is not automatically covered?

It’s 2017, and we are still debating whether we need universal health care. It’s a shame. It’s a declaration of moral bankruptcy. So, whether I want it or not, the personal is the political, and that’s what I’ll talk about.

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