Word Warrior Wednesday: Cheryl Strayed

Today’s words of Wisdom are from Local Treasure and poet Cheryl Stray. You may know her marvelous memoir “Wild” or have seen the movie (also great!). She has also written “Tiny Beautiful Things”- a compilation of her advice columns on “Dear Sugar”. Her Newest is called “Brave Enough” and it’s a collection of little words of wisdom, quotes to “guide, motivate, validate, challenge and comfort us in our own lives”. here it is:Read more

Word warrior Wednesday 

Today’s wisdom comes from my barre studio, where I started to workout again. I will be honest- I hated the first few times I went. Because aside from being put of shape, there is all the IBD baggage.  First- on some days getting up feels like Hannibal crossing the alps. More like one of his elephants to be honest. Then, the whole damn body consciousness- am I too small, too big, not strong enough? Then, they posted the pic onRead more

Word Warrior Wednesday

This is another one of my Mississippi Street Fair pics, you can see the artist in the right corner! I love Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher king (actually Emperor). He is a stoic, and his work is mostly about the philosophy of service and duty, describing how to find and preserve equanimity in the midst of conflict by following nature as a source of guidance and inspiration. Lee always says I would be the worst spy in the world, because myRead more

Word Warrior Wednesday: Desmond Tutu

I have been reading a lot about South Africa lately, namely because I will go there next year, for a wedding nonetheless! Desmond Tutu seems to have always been on the right side of history, and I loved this little reminder that I saw last Saturday, at the Mississippi Street Fair. Especially in times like these, when the pain of the oppressed and of those often overwhelm me and I feel I can’t do anything, his words can provide someRead more

Word Warrior Wednesday: “Oh the Places you’ll go” (Dr. Seuss)

Growing up in Germany, I did not know about “Green eggs and Ham” or “Yertle, the Turtle” and other things. I am alive people, I am breathing, it’s ok. I find Dr. Seuss books cute, I admire the artwork, but they don’t evoke that childhood feeling of your parents reading a book to you, or you slowly figuring out the words on the page. I have my Euro equivalents, no need for pity. There is one exception however. In 2004-5Read more

Word Warrior Wednesday: You’re doing just fine

This week’s poetry is from Charlotte Eriksson, a Swedish author and songwriter. Usually I am instantly turned off by people who have a “manifesto” on their website (how self-important can you be??!), yet her poem “you’re doing just fine” has been on my mind. I am critical of the glorification of work for work’s sake, but the inner battles that she describes, and the simple assertion of “you’re doing just fine” is incredibly life affirming. Take a shower. Wash awayRead more

Word Warrior Wednesday: “You fight and you survive”

Today’s Word Warrior Wednesday is a quote from Jamie Weisman, whose book “As I live and Breathe” I’ll review pretty soon. It’s pretty powerful, and so I’ll leave it un-commented. “Most people live in fear of some terrible event changing their lives. For the chronically ill, this terrible event has already happened, and we have been let in on an amazing secret. You fight and you survive. There is no other way. You adapt, and your life changes, but inRead more