The infection saga II: MRSA

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I was put on two different antibiotics, and about a day after the last blog post, my abscess started to drain. I’ll spare you the yukky details. On Monday, the cultures had finally gotten back to my doctor- it was MRSA indeed! So the cephalexin that I had been taking had pretty much been useless, and it was discontinued.  Bactrim, the other antibiotic however, was the one that had been helping. Awesome, finish that round, do the hibiscin showers, and be done, right?

Nein. Tuesday night I got a fever. Some people get fevers easy. I don’t.  I am rarely above 98F. So I am kinda weirded out already. Plus, my breathing gets a little harder, mostly deep breaths. Wednesday I am back at my doctor’s.  He thinks it may be a side effect of the bactrim, and he half-way suspected a reaction, since I am allergic to penicillin. Him and his medical student (who seemed scared of me most of the time) debate what I could get instead, and I hear “Clindamycin.”

Me: “I still have some of that at home.”

Doctor: “Oh, how much?”

Me: “About a month’s worth, I was on that for a while last year.”

Doctor: “let’s do that then.”

Me:”You know, I did tell you last Tuesday that I still had clindamycin at home and that it always worked for me”

Doctor:”Yeah, but you know, we are pulling out the really big guns here.”

Me: “Considering that I was at 103F last night, I am fine with that.”

Leaving the practice, I felt more like a four star general than a patient.

The big guns are working though. I had one more horrible night of fever, but I feel much better with the clindamycin. I am still tired, but things are looking up!

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