Hey, FDA

  Hey, FDA: I am tired of being infantilized as a patient. I am really tired. With the increasing number of people being addicted to painkillers and other drugs, you have decided, that it’s best to crack down, to make it harder to obtain these products, and to monitor emergency rooms. You’re overlooking that most opioid people addicted to opioids actually did not get them prescribed, but had them illegally- they stole from a friend etc. As Maia Szalavitz ofRead more

The infection saga II: MRSA

I was put on two different antibiotics, and about a day after the last blog post, my abscess started to drain. I’ll spare you the yukky details. On Monday, the cultures had finally gotten back to my doctor- it was MRSA indeed! So the cephalexin that I had been taking had pretty much been useless, and it was discontinued.  Bactrim, the other antibiotic however, was the one that had been helping. Awesome, finish that round, do the hibiscin showers, andRead more

Today in side-effects: nasty infections

  On Friday, I was out for dinner, and felt a bug bite me. I swatted it away, and may have scratched it. On Saturday, I woke up with a swollen face that progressively got worse. My doctor put me on anti-biotics right away. How could it get infected so fast? From one time scratching? I don’t have much of an immune system these days. And I have always been prone to develop abscesses. In spite of my antibiotics, myRead more