Update: Same procedure as every year

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Friday, I had my annual colonoscopy. This year, I tweaked my prep a little bit. I splurged, and got lobster broth, as well as clear protein drinks. The broth I would get again, the drinks just made me queasy. But, it was worth a try.


As usual, I over prepared, so by the time I arrived, I had a raging dehydration headache. I also asked for three warm blankets as I was waiting on my gurney- it was sooo cold. I asked the anesthesiologist why that is, and she told me to minimize bacterial infection. I said, “if I freeze to death, there won’t be any chance of that…”- I like to tell bad jokes when I am nervous- and I do get a bit nervous, even though this is not my first rodeo.

The propofol did its job (thank you lovely anesthesiologist, you were a good bartender) and I woke up fairly quickly after the procedure. Just in time for my gastroenterologist to come with the good news: No inflammation visible(I’ll spare you the pictures, but they look great!). He took biopsies, and we still need to get those results, but I am pretty elated. This is one of the longest times I have been in remission, and while I have my complaints about the Remicade, I am happy about the remission it put me in.

Fingers crossed this will last. Sending good vibes and strength to those who are struggling to achieve remission, don’t give up hope.


P.S. I did catch a cold, and I blame the cold exam rooms.



  1. Yum, lobster broth – didn’t know there was such a thing. I also find pickle juice to be tasty, especially as a chaser for the golytely, etc. to clean out that taste. Thanks for sharing!


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