Getting Ready for South Africa!

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I am going to South Africa for a wedding in April. First Cape Town and then Kruger! But of course, travel for IBDers isn’t just travel. First, I had to schedule my Remicade around my trip, and then figure out whether I needed vaccinations. And whether I could have them- because thanks to Methotextrate and Remicade, I can’t have live vaccinations. The CDC wasn’t really clear. First the website says that I need yellow fever, then it says I can’t. So finally, I went to the OHSU travel clinic. The doctor was super nice, and had lived in Cote d’Ivoire for a long time. In the end, I got a Hep A and Typhoid vaccination, and he prescribed me Malarone for Malaria protection (parts of Kruger National Park are Malaria area).  of course, it all came with a hefty price tag, since insurance didn’t cover these vaccinations, but hey, better than typhus.

My arm hurt for like two days, but now I am ready!

Cape Town (source: Wikipedia)

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