The five things every IBD patient should have

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(at least according to me!)

1)  A heating blanket. I call it my most prized possession and I love it dearly. I put it on my back and on my belly, on my neck and on my cold cold feet (It can be 90 degrees outside and I have cold feet).  Heating blankets don’t have to be expensive either- mine was $20 at target. I am very attached to it for another reason: When Lee and I were still dating and only seeing each other on the weekend, I’d always have my little heating blanket in my overnight bag. One day, he told me to not always bring it with me, he had bought me one for his place. This little pragmatic gesture was one of the most romantic moments in my life. But away from the verklempte stories- invest in a heating blanket.

2) My phone and charger. I have audiobooks on there, I do email, type up my random thoughts, do my social media, look at pics of my loved ones and of better days

3) Fennel, Ginger and peppermint tea. While they don’t do a whole lot in an actual flare, they make the occasional bad day better

 4) Netflix or whichever streaming service you like. I prefer watching comedies, life is sad enough

5) Pain Medications: You know your body best, and that means that you need to figure out pain management, because dealing with it when you cross that bridge won’t work. To me though, it is necessary to know that if I need it, I have the appropriate pain killers available.










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