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It’s been a rough week. Monday, dog was sick, and I spent a good deal of Monday night on the couch with the pup. Tuesday, already tired, I dragged myself to my Remicade infusion. I wore my wedding band, a large Azurite ring, that I only had gotten recently. I took work with me, and took it off to type. It must have fallen into one of the cracks in the big armchair I was in, because I haven’t seen it since. I have turned up and down every nook and cranny of my house, and the nurses have done the same. They contacted the laundry services, perhaps it got rolled up in a sheet? I still have hope it will turn up, please universe, please!

Over the weekend, a big storm was coming hitting the PNW! SCARY. It was super windy, and I feared an electricity outage, I am not used to them, and they freak me out (in Germany most power lines are under ground, so they are not as common there). The storm came, and parts of the city of Portland had a power outage, but, we were spared. But, our water heater broke! I am such a victim of civilization, I  do not heart cold showers. I can’t stand them.

So, to make the best of a situation, I will go to the sauna this morning with my friend Bee, starting the week off right.

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