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Remember how in the last post I wrote that the worst that could happen had already happened? Yeah, scratch that. There should be separate categories for “the worst that can happen to yourself” and “the worst that can happen to someone you love.”

So, January 24, 2016, my dog needed emergency surgery because of a bowel obstruction. Yes. Exactly one year after me. If you are of the opinion that pets aren’t as important as humans and somehow feel offended about me comparing seeing my dog in pain to seeing a loved one in pain, whatevs. Stop reading.

My sick puppy


On that day, I got a glimpse into what it’s like to be on the other side, seeing someone you love in pain, and being completely helpless. I did not like it, to say the least. I was bawling my eyes out in the waiting room, facetiming with my sister in Switzerland, and being totally shaken up. For a change, I was not the patient, for a change I was the one waiting, worrying, trying to hold it together.

I thought about how last year at the time of surgery, and in all those months of recovery, everyone by my bedside had a happy look on their face, never cried, and put their emotions, their actions, pretty much their life on the back burner to not scare me or not bother me. I had a hard time to not lose it when my dog was sick, how would I be when something happened to my loved ones? My mum says you go on auto pilot, you just get done what needs to get done. I hope she’s right. I have always been grateful to my family and friends, but, I now I have been in their shoes, at least a little bit.

Two days later

I got to pick Malarkey up two days, and a lot of money (we are so getting pet insurance!!!) later, and took her home. She recovered pretty fast- she did lose two pounds which she has gained back. She gives slobbery kisses, loves her cats, runs around, eats a lot, like her mama!!IMG_7337

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