Silence is Golden- but Silver is SHINY!

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I actually do not like to talk about my Crohn’s. Why?

One reason is people’s never-disappointing talent for stupid, hurtful things to say (I’ll have a blog post on that one some day). It starts with “But you look so good” to “Are you sure you can handle the job you are applying to?” and the treatment you receive is different as well. On good days I find it in my to give snappy, funny retorts, but more often than I like I smile and am upset for much longer than it took these people to say their idiotic things.

The other reason has to do with my lack of humility. I like to think of myself as pretty independent, strong, a live life to the fullest person. Sometimes with a pants full of s***, but still. I am awesome, and only the X-men are cooler than me.  Admitting that I need help, can’t do everything I want when I want it took quite a bit of time. I also didn’t want to be the person who is defined by her disease. I do not want to be described as “Verena, that’s the one with the Crohn’s Disease”.

Yet, the events of the past few months (my ruptured stomach etc.) taught me quite a few things. First of all- who cares how others describe you? At the end of the day, who matters is my family, my beloved husband, my close friends.

I also noticed that in spite of everybody having heard of Crohn’s at some point, there is quite a bit of fogginess as to what it means. EVEN THE NURSES IN THE HOSPITAL told me that they studied the disease for their exam, but that was it.

So, to counter-act the proverb of Silence is Golden, I will tell you that I prefer Silver anyways. I will tell you my truth about Crohn’s. I won’t sell you products and snake-oil, and I do not presume to speak for others. There are many other great bloggers on Crohn’s out there, whose voice and opinion may be different, and that is great. Everybody’s life is different, for crying out loud. I might be crass, I will be direct, and there will be talk about poop.  So, bear with me, and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Hi Verena,

    Thank you so much for drawing attention, not just to Crohn’s disease, but to general views on chronic conditions. I do love the comments about reducing stress, and thinking happy thoughts; sure, stress is no good, but getting rid of it will also not magically eliminate a serious health condition.

    Love your blog!!


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