Review: NYT in-depth report on Crohn’s Disease

I love the New York times. Not only does it have a LOT of their information for free online, it also covers most aspects of modern life. Their health section is truly to be recommended, the writers manage to break down complex matter for interested lay audiences, just as myself. I prefer them over wikipedia most of the time, because of quality control. Anyone can edit a wikipedia article, and I simply trust the NYT more. I just found outRead more

Silence is Golden- but Silver is SHINY!

I actually do not like to talk about my Crohn’s. Why? One reason is people’s never-disappointing talent for stupid, hurtful things to say (I’ll have a blog post on that one some day). It starts with “But you look so good” to “Are you sure you can handle the job you are applying to?” and the treatment you receive is different as well. On good days I find it in my to give snappy, funny retorts, but more often thanRead more