Today in side-effects: nasty infections

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On Friday, I was out for dinner, and felt a bug bite me. I swatted it away, and may have scratched it. On Saturday, I woke up with a swollen face that progressively got worse.

My doctor put me on anti-biotics right away. How could it get infected so fast? From one time scratching?

I don’t have much of an immune system these days. And I have always been prone to develop abscesses. In spite of my antibiotics, my face kept swelling.

Tuesday he cut it open for the first time. And I got another antibiotic injection as well. By the evening I had another fever, and was screaming in pain, as now the roots of my teeth started to hurt (from the pressure of the swelling).

Wednesday, it was cut again, and while there is more drainage, it’s still way too  big. Another additional injection and an additional oral antibiotic. The cultures haven’t come back, but he suspects mrsa, since I should be doing much better than I am. It’s unclear whether I need to be hospitalized or not.

I need to move my remicade infusion next week and skip the methotextrate as well. I hope this won’t make a difference crohn’s wise.


Scene: At the Doctor’s, Wednesday Morning. Verena’s head is throbbing and she can barely talk.

Doctor: It could be mrsa- I mean, with all the antibiotics you have in your system you should be doing much better.

Me: expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive.

Doctor and nurse: “Didn’t you say English isn’t your first language? That is an impressive vocab.”

Me: “I thought knowing those may come in handy one day.”


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