In between the years

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It’s been a while, it’s been a while… it’s been a long year, I have been busy teaching, working, writing, editing. Now, we’re past the holidays, we are in the time span that Germans call “zwischen den Jahren” (tsvishn dan yahran), in between the years- the time between Christmas and New Years, in which most people hole up, spend time with family etc. before dragging their bodies to the next new year party, to then start the new year with a hangover and a bag of resolutions (no judgement, I have been there!). I love this time of in between the years, because it provides me with a breather, with time to think, to reflect, read, or finally take care of that thing that I’ve been successfully procrastinating (I spent one new year’s finishing a translation that was very, very overdue). I actually have been writing blog posts, haven’t fully finished them, or wanted to go over them, so perhaps that’s my zwischen den Jahren- I will finish my posts and drop them here.

[image of a tweet by website jetzt. tweet reads: “The German phrase “zwischen den Jahren” (between the years) refers to the days between Xmas and New Year’s day. So, ifyour German friends don’t answer the phone, remember: They spend their holidays in a non-existing time-slot between 2 consecutive years. Enjoy our language!]

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