Things I am tired of hearing about not having kids….

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  • why don’t you want kids?  (none of your beeswax)
  • oh, one day, you’ll change your mind (one day I may just kick you)
  • if you don’t want kids, why are you teaching kids? (I am their teacher, not their mom!)
  • is it because of your health? (no, there are plenty of women with IBD who have kids)
  • I guess you don’t want to burden a child with that kind of genetics (err, who are you? the head of the eugenics club?)
  • So, you just don’t like kids! (My friends with kids may disagree, but I guess I could fake liking them REALLY well)
  • you’re not getting any younger (you’re not getting any smarter)
  • who is going to take care of you when you’re old? (wait, you’re having kids to have a free nursing service later in life?)
  • but you’re so good with kids! (I also have a great fashion sense, and I am pretty good at indoor decoration. I still don’t make it my life)
  • did you have a bad childhood? (no, I didn’t have to work in a coalmine from my third birthday on)
  • you’re missing out on a great experience (yeah, that’s life, you make choices)
  • You’ll end up pretty self- absorbed and lonely. (do you know my family? there is no way in hell I will ever be lonely)
  • you think you’re tired? you don’t know what tired is! (you know, I have been suffering from fatigue or malnutrition for a while. I have a pretty good idea what tired is)
  • is your husband ok with this? (hmm, we’re still together, so I guess? But honestly, I never asked)
  • you don’t know what love is. That feeling in your body when you hold it for the first time (hmm, so parents who adopt older kids don’t love by this logic. You tell them, ok?)
  • won’t your parents be sad to not be grandparents? (It will relieve you to know that they are in fact grandparents already, since I have siblings with kids. Also, they love me no matter what. You know, the actual parental unconditional love thing)
  • But life has no meaning without kids. (I’ll refer you to the French existentialists for that one)
  • why do you hate families (I don’t! Most of my friends have kids, and I like them! I understand that they won’t be partying until three am, and have different priorities, and that’s fine. We can still be friends. )

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  1. Sounds like the same idiots who say shit to people like my husband and I who have been battling infertility for years… Our favorite is that if we adopt it will make us pregnant (even though we went through six rounds of unsuccessful donor egg IVF). Dipshits.


    1. OMG, I have heard this myth so many times! (not said to me, but to others who go through the same thing) Just stfu or admit that you don’t know what to say because you don’t know what it’s like battling infertility. so awful.

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