Vaccinations: just do it.

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Please vaccinate. Please. For me. For you. For everybody.

The Mighty ran a story on a Bizarro cartoon that shows mythical beings (a mermaid, Leprechaun and a unicorn) sitting in a circle, welcoming their newest group member: the myth that vaccine causes autism. I thought it was pretty funny and spot on. Apparently not to anti vaxxers.  I am bothered to even dignify a study that has been disputed a long time ago , or to talk about whether vaccines contain mercury- they don’t. I will also not talk about the ableist and quite frankly, fascist  assumption that autism is the worst thing that could befall a person (others do so more eloquently here, and here, and here).
What I will talk about though is people with a compromised immune system like myself. I can’t have live vaccinations, and I rely on others getting vaccinated so that I am safe to move around and don’t have to worry about getting sick from something totally preventable like chicken pox. Herd immunity. The fact that the more people get vaccinated, the less chance contagious diseases have to spread and hurt those of us who can’t get live vaccinations (or any for that matter).  It’s not that hard people. It really isn’t. You want to be taken seriously, you want to live your life- fine. But let others do the same. Your freedom is always the freedom of other people too.

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