Spoonie Essentials Box 1: My Review

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I already told you about the Spoonie Essentials Box, and lo and behold, my first box arrived yesterday!


Check out the color combo and the fonts! Uplifting and dynamic, looking like handwriting, yet professional! (that was the geek in me speaking!)

I got the Small box, and here’s what was in it:

  • A super sweet note on the importance of self- care 
  • a heart shaped bath bomb
  • a spoonie necklace
  • a pair of xo socks
  • bag of candy
  • a hand moisturizer
  • small scented candle
  • painting colors
  • bag of heart shaped crisps
  • spoonie key chain
  • a 10% off voucher for prettycrazyco.com, a company making statement shirts to end stigma associated with mental health.


What I liked:


  • The message, and its execution. Self-care isn’t selfish. It can’t be repeated often enough (also, I love anything glitter….)
  • Socks: many chronic diseases are painful on the feet- such as arthritis, for example. I on the other hand just have chronically cold feet, and am grateful.
  • I like the hand moisturizer, as it had all natural ingredients and you can re-use the tin- I like environmentally friendly ideas. Skin care everybody, so important!
  • Bath Bomb- it’s February, so in most places of the country it is still cold, and a nice bath is a great thing!
  • Scented candle- so much yes. I am a big fan of scented candles, they make any home nicer and they put me in a calm state of mind. Double win.
  • Spoonie necklace. It is subtle, cute and done by the etsy store Chronically Jewelled.
  • Key chain- always useful.
all my stuff!

I can’t say that I disliked anything really, but here is what I am not too excited about:

  • Colors. I don’t paint, so I don’t really have a use for it, but will donate it to the local grade school. That being said, I know plenty of people with chronic illnesses that find painting therapeutic.
  • Food items. Granted, this was my fault. When you order the food box, they ask you for specifics, whether you have food allergies etc. People with IBD are often food sensitive and particular about what they eat. So, I probably should have said, I’d prefer nothing food wise. But again, I can give these crisps away as a cute gift, and the same with the bag. Not a deal breaker.
  • The hand moisturizer was called immunity lotion bar, and I am not sure how a lotion bar is supposed to make me immune to something or fix my immune system. I also did not care for the reference to the Bible Verse. I am a lapsed catholic, and aside from not being religious, I have never understood the American habit of putting Bible verses on random places.Why is a Bible verse of the bottom of a lotion tin? But, again, this is not a deal breaker, and there are plenty of people with chronic diseases who are religious.


So, all in all- I am happy I got the box, and while not everything in there was perfect, I love the sense of community it expresses, I think that many things are useful and the topic of self-love is more important than ever.


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