2020 in Pictures

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What a year! It started with the US almost going to war with Iran (remember that?), and it ended with someone trying to destroy 500 doses of Covid-19 Vaccine. In between, killer-hornets, wildfires, a pandemic and whatnot. Here’s my 2020:

It was the year of puzzles, for sure.

It was the year of writing postcards to voters (roughly 1000) and flying your flag:

It was the year of normalizing masks in public. I honestly think that I will continue to do this in crowded spaces, like public transport.

It was the year I tried to grow plants in my home (more or less successfully):

It was also the year in which memes were acknowledged as the creative coping mechanisms they are:

It was the year in which I wrote a lot and barely published, but I did write an essay in Medium that I am not unhappy with and an essay in Dismantle, that I don’t hate.

It was the year of wildfires and fear of having to evacuate (but we didn’t thankfully):

It was the year of zoom and reconnecting with friends.

It was a year of very few health problems for me:

And with love and hope, 2021 will be the year of lifting others as we rise.

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