drawing the line: terms, tips and tools for ostomates

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Since I haven’t had an ostomy, I can’t speak to it, but fiercelyflared does! Check out these terms, explanations and thoughts on he topic! As always, education is so important!!

Fierce and Flared

Let’s keep it real. We all need a little humor in our lives when going through something traumatic. There are not many things I can think of that are more personally traumatic than when something happens physically to your body that changes your appearance.

Having any kind of bowel surgery that includes wearing an ostomy pouch is one of those experiences. Why is it so traumatic? Because there are stigmas associated with wearing an ostomy. NEGATIVE stigmas and rumors and opinions at that.

I am big on correcting the polite usage of reference to an ostomy. It is a pouch. It is not a bag, it is not a device, it is not an appliance. For all of us that need a reminder of what an ostomy is and does, here is a great description and definition:

What is Ostomy surgery of the bowel?

“Ostomy surgery of…

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