Chronic illness and making an academic career/working life – unjustified judgements

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This echoes a lot of my thoughts on being an academic with Crohn’s. I however always disclosed and have received support. The heroic stamina part is what gets me though. It’s so true.

Improving Vocational Education and Training

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Despite the challenges they face, people with chronic illnesses can be highly productive, high-functioning members of the academic community. The key to their success lies in institutional policies and practices that ensure equity and support their productivity.

By Stephanie A. Goodwin and Susanne Morgan

One of the things I find difficult is that many of my colleagues do not know of my illness. I can only assume what they might think privately about my tiredness and various energy levels. I try to be “on” at work, but some days are better than others. . . . Even the people who do know that I have medical problems do not always get what that means. . . . It seems to be a losing battle. Trying to educate others rarely seems to make much of a difference, since I look fine. —contributor to Chronicle of Higher Education forum…

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