Herbal Supplements for Healing

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor (actually, I am, just not that kind of doctor). I also don’t endorse any particular brands over the others. My criteria for buying are: convenience (how far do I have to go to get that stuff?), practicality (I have no use for powders etc.), price (I am willing to pay for stuff, but within reason).

I don’t know whether they help- between the painkillers I am getting and the “regular” prednisone, and the two IV antibiotics – who knows what works? It might be growing up in Germany, where herbal supplements and teas are very popular, it might be having lived in Northern California for seven years, or it might be the fact that I am living in Portland now- but I like taking them. Maybe it’s the feeling of having control over SOMETHING, even if it’s just your itty bitty pills.

So what goodies do we have here? After the surgery, I started taking:

  • Vitamin C and Vitamin D (recommended by my doctors actually- and yes, I bought the gummy version. Don’t judge me!)
  • pre-natal multivitamins. They are higher in iron, so there you go.
  • Vitamin B complex. If you are a Crohnie, and don’t take them, start now- it helped me with fatigue.
  • Burdock Root- it supports liver and kidneys.
  • Probiotics- I hate eating yoghurt and I am on two antibiotics, so I try to help the poor stomach when I can.
  • Easy Iron- it also contains Vitamin B. I have a hard time getting out of my anemic state. Two iron infusions didn’t bring any change, so I am not sure these babies do.
  • Lysine- it’s mostly echinacea, to support the immune system.

Again, I am taking these in addition to the regular meds. Prednisone and modern medicine saved my life, so I am grateful for it. At the same time, why not make use of what is available?

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