I had my appointment! I had an infusion! (update on the infusion adventure)

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“Ich hân mîn lêhen, al die werlt, ich hân mîn lêhen!” jubilated German Poet Walther von der Vogelweide (1170ish- 1230ish) when the emperor bestowed a piece of land to him as a reward for his efforts as a busy minne poet. I have done way less, but I felt similar when after seven phone calls, on Friday, I finally got a call from my new infusion center, my insurance had finally given me the green light, they were ready to schedule me.

Just to recap: I was due for my new infusion on Friday, and was worried at this point that I would get an appointment that was still within my six week infusion window. I did, Monday, March 6, 3pm. Wait, what? that’s possible? So quickly?

I arrived early, but until all the bureaucracy was done and the medications were mixed up, it was 4pm, which was annoying but it was also my first time there. It’s not like I never needed to wait at my previous infusion place, the Oregon clinic either. 

It happened that the nurse who took care of me was a nurse educator, so she had been around the block. She looked at the crook of my right arm and suggested that we don’t use it so I can type on my laptop in peace. She hooked me up on my median vein in my lower forearm, in one go! Refreshing! 

I had my own tiny little room, which was nice, and while the pump was extremely loud, it was possible to work. Note for next time: noise canceling headphones. I made do with my regular headphones and some pink noise on Spotify. 

Aesthetically, the place was… it’s an infusion center, not a spa. Windowless and maybe a bit old. To entertain patients, my room had a poster: 100 Beatles songs in one image. I love the Beatles a lot, but I am not good at these. Perhaps you, dear reader will fare better than me, lol.

I got out at six on the dot, with my next two appointments lined up (another plus: the Oregon clinic would only ever schedule the next appointment because their calendars were only open for two months at a time, for god knows what reason).

It’s been the first time there, but overall my impression is not bad: Whenever I call, I am not kept on hold for 45 minutes, everyone is friendly and professional and tries to help. I was told that they have a grace period of 30 minutes if I ever got stuck in traffic (not like the previous place that sent me home when I was ten minutes late). So, fingers crossed, and onward and upward!

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