Word Warrior Wednesday, post election blues

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Yesterday began with a lot of hope, and ended in tears. Lots of them. And lots of vodka. To me, it would have meant a lot to have both of my home countries led by women. Moreover, not have one of my home countries make the same mistake that my other home country made eighty years ago.

Before it got bad.

Last night, I was afraid for my future and others’. I am an immigrant, and I am female. Just like any woman, I know someone who has experienced sexual violence, not to mention the daily sexism. Many of my friends are members of the LGBTQ* community, I care about environmentalism and freedom of religion.

This morning, one day too late, the “pussy grabs back” t-shirt that I had ordered arrived. I cried a little more. Then, I looked at my cat Freya, who sauntered into the kitchen. Freya is nine years old and used to be a stray before she came to my house (and stayed). I have watched Freya catch animals larger than herself over the year (many brought as a present). She sits, watches everything. Everything. And then she pounces. And does it again. She doesn’t give up, until that mouse is hers. I am not calling for violence, but I will make this mindset my own. This is not the end, it’s the beginning. Progress isn’t linear.

I come from the country of Sophie Scholl, and Otto Wels, and Admiral Canaris, and Rudi Dutschke. I live in the country of Rosa Parks, Dr. King, Cesar Chavez, Susan B. Anthony, and John Lewis. I will make them proud.


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