Word Warrior Wednesday: Cheryl Strayed

Today’s words of Wisdom are from Local Treasure and poet Cheryl Stray. You may know her marvelous memoir “Wild” or have seen the movie (also great!). She has also written “Tiny Beautiful Things”- a compilation of her advice columns on “Dear Sugar”. Her Newest is called “Brave Enough” and it’s a collection of little words of wisdom, quotes to “guide, motivate, validate, challenge and comfort us in our own lives”. here it is:Read more

Word Warrior Wednesday: You’re doing just fine

This week’s poetry is from Charlotte Eriksson, a Swedish author and songwriter. Usually I am instantly turned off by people who have a “manifesto” on their website (how self-important can you be??!), yet her poem “you’re doing just fine” has been on my mind. I am critical of the glorification of work for work’s sake, but the inner battles that she describes, and the simple assertion of “you’re doing just fine” is incredibly life affirming. Take a shower. Wash awayRead more

Word Warrior Wednesday: Whatif (Shel Silverstein)

It’s been a while since I posted one of these- mea culpa! Life has been super busy. Today is a poem by the amazing Shel Silverstein. I first got introduced to this poet when I was an exchange student at Concordia College in Minnesota. I was working the late shifts at the library (one of the best jobs I have ever had by the way), and I was shelving education books. “oh, this is one of my favorites!” cried oneRead more

Word Warrior Wednesday: “This too, shall pass”

I have decided to do Word Warrior Wednesdays- I will post quotes, poems and little stories that have helped me through dark times, that cheer me on and that hopefully may be helpful to others too! Today is a famous one- “This too shall pass” King Solomon instructed one of his ministers to find a ring that could turn a happy person sad, and a sad person happy. King Solomon thought it was a ruse that would confound his bestRead more