Word Warrior Wednesday: If you’re going through hell…

This week’s Word Warrior Wednesday is “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” I have seen this quote ascribed to many people, most often Winston Churchill. Makes sense, London is bombed out, people have to find refuge in the tube stations, an ugly war is raging. As I found out however, it’s not from him. It’s even a local saying, it was first recorded in Portland!

For years, I have had this quote on my wall, above my desk, an old calendar quote. What I liked about that particular quote was that it was printed in a circle, but the sentence didn’t quite fill the circle. There is a space left. It fits IBD so well- you have to keep going, but the hell behind you can very closely resemble the hell before you. What matters though, is the little in-between spot. The days with friends and loved ones, the relative quiet, the days when your work is rewarding, your pets are happy and love you, the pain-free and joyful days. The spaces between what’s behind you and what lies ahead are what makes you keep going. By all means, keep going. e1f2ab0ea3497e04059adf497d6f61f7


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